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Trulongevity Performance Protein

  • Added Whey Isolated for Protein Synthesis

  • Digestive Enzymes for Absorption

  • Cold-Process Whey

  • Mixes Easily

Boosts Protein Performance
Build Strong Muscles
Reduce Recovery Time
Boosts your protein for next-level performance. Build and restore strong muscles, and reduce recovery time with Trulongevity Performance Protein.
  • You get more servings per bottle and more whey in every scoop! Trulongevity Performance Protein contains an incredible 75% protein, while most offer brands of protein contain less than 70%.

  • Trulongevity Performance Protein is ultra-filtered whey, providing the highest biological value of any protein source. This make ideal for building lean muscle.

  • Contains no cheap ingredients, like Glycine and Taurine, to increase protein level.

  • Contains both Pa-pain and Pro-tease for protein absorption, as well as Whey Isolated and BCAA (Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine) for protein synthesis.

  • Absorbed immediately, flooding your muscles with key amino acids. This make Trulongevity Performance Protein the perfect protein to take immediately after your workout, when your muscle crave protein the most.

  • Directions For Trulongevity Performance Protein: mix one rounded scoop with 4 to 6oz of water, milk, or your favorite beverages. Vary the amount of liquid added for taste preference.

Cory Adams

  • 2018 Nashville Trainer of the Year
  • Lighthouse Fitness Management
  • Train out of Golds Gym, been with company 2 1/2 years, Been working out since 1998
  • Graduated from Bethel University BS in Exercise Science, minor Physical Education.

  • Nashville Fit Magazine “Best personal trainer”

The world of vitamins and supplements is not only confusing, it can also be dangerous. Let us do the heavy lifting. Our experts will guide you in finding just exactly what supplements are beneficial to you on your unique journey toward top performance. You can even purchase right in our office — and at a discount!

Note: We only offer the highest quality supplements, tested by outside labs for both purity and concentration.

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